Friday, March 20, 2009

Another birthday!

Yep, another birthday to celebrate around here! I told you it was a 'birthday season' LOL!!

How is it possible that I am now the mom of a "tweener"? I guess it is official that is what he is right? I mean he's turning 12 tomorrow!!!!

We took him to CiCi's pizza today so he could have all you can eat pizza buffet for lunch. Sunday we'll be having a Key Lime pie @ my parent's house after dinner for his 'cake'.

I don't have any of his baby pictures on my computer, shoot I didn't own a digital camera until he was 4 or 5 LOL! So I won't post any through the years shots of him..yes that's right I'm too lazy to get them out & go downstairs to the desktop & scanner to scan them in.

So we get done with his then there is only one left (mine is Tuesday), and that one doesn't really get celebrated anymore what with all the others we have during the month.



Julie said...

I hope he has a wonderful birthday!! That is a great picture of him! :)

jenn said...

Happy Birthday Justin!!!! I hope it's amazing!