Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you know what happens?

When you keep the volume turned down on your computer most of the time?

I'll tell you.

You leave Christmas music playing on your blog until after March 1st.

SERIOUSLY do all of you have your sound turned off too? Or you like Christmas music all year long? Speak up people!! Someone should've said something ;0)

I noticed...finally...and it's fixed now, may not be your type of music but at least it's not Christmas music in the month of March anymore *smile*


Julie said...

Um. seriously it is both but in this case it is the sound being turned down too much! lol :)

Jen said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! I keep my sound turned down when surfing blogs b/c some of them are super loud when I click on them and they scare me. ACK! ;)

jenn said...

I never have the volume turned on...too many people play too many different types of music. If I had heard it, I would have told you, though! :)

Lisa said...

I never have sound on the computer, so I wouldn't notice if you had music or not.

We are heading to visit Allie on Saturday. I am so excited. She is starting rehearsals for a show at Sea World.

I just noticed Avery's choice of birthday restaurants. I love Taco Bell. I could eat their bean burritos every day...mmmm.

The Lees said...

Hey, no volume here, too. LOL...