Thursday, March 12, 2009

Garage Redo

This is what is going on around here. The garage is an eyesore & just not usable as is or was I should say. It was just a mismatch of whatever he had available I guess. The right side was a cooler for a deer cutting business the previous owner had but just not usable for anything.

So this is where we stand after paying a friends teenage son to rip it all off & haul it away. He's worked hard the last three days and this is the result.

The top that is now open will be recovered in beams, plywood & a rubber like roof. Then on top of that we're building a deck ( a perfect view of the lake from here)with a ram to our back yard that will be gated off so no dogs can get up there (so we can eat in peace in the summer ;) ). And that corner where you see our bedroom? The deck will extend to there and a door will be put into the side of the house for access from our bedroom. That part may not be completed just now but at some point.

Once that is done the lower half gets a new roof. A pretty red or green metal like roof installed by us or should I say him? . Then the whole outside will be stuccoed to match the bottom of our house. And at some point before June I want it finished by then if possible a new garage door and opener, we'll see.

So what's going on at your house?


The Lees said...

Wow, this is going to be great!!! Keep us updated:-)

Lisa said...

That is quite a project. I can't wait to see the end results. Your house is going to be gorgeous.

I am not sure if we passed by when traveling. We stopped off at that big bridge thing. Yeah, I have no memory for names. Gary was really into that, while I have trouble with steps, so as I made my way down, I panicked, turned around and waited to see the pictures that Briana took.

Hopefully we will soon be driving that way again and I will pay more attention to the route. Then again, if I ask Gary where we were, he is sure to know, since he must have been paying attention to where we were or we would have been lost. :)