Monday, March 23, 2009

Has spring finally arrived?

We had nice weather a few weeks ago then it turned cold again.
We've had some decent temps for the last week, I so hope it's staying this time.
The only thing with our wishy washy temps is the wardrobe!!
I don't want to unpack the warmer weather clothing just yet as it's not quite warm enough for it. But yet it's not cold enough for the cold weather clothing either!!

So the only solution I guess is to pull it out but not pack away OR give away the cold weather stuff yet either. Which leave the house in a state of disarray for a few weeks.

No big deal maybe but I've still got stuff sitting around not unpacked & put away from our move.

We need some organization to put some things away and well we need shelving and such to do that organizing, which means spending some money. Which, if you don't already know I'm hesitant to do. No reason other then I'm cheap, there I've said it now you know.

I put our schoolwork into a box when we move marked "current schoolwork' so I'd know where it was well, as I've needed it I've just added to that box & that box still sits behind the couch where it has been since August. It's driving me batty...we'll soon be done with the schoolwork for the year, we're already done with Avery's, and one subject each of Justin & Rachel's. I really need to come up with something better before next year, just no idea what.

Do you get the urge to clean & organize this time of year? I do. But yet I just can't seem to come up with a way TO organize it all without spending the outrageous prices the stores want for shelving (for closets), plastic containers (for schoolwork perhaps?),ACK!!

Maybe I'll just go outside and ignore it all...oh wait...WHICH wardrobe should I wear? The cold weather one & get too hot or pull a few pieces of the warm weather one out making a mess & freeze? Decisions decisions!!


Lisa said...

Was today your birthday? If so, I hope it was a happy day.

Do you have any new house pics? You guys are always so busy making your house looks so pretty.

Ooooh, what's the delivery going to be?

Oh, and yes to moving south. We are hoping to be living two hours north of Allie.

jenn said...

I love to organize, but find even when I buy the shelves and containers, I never use them. I like to make what I works better for me. And, no matter how many times I do it, nothing ever stays organized anyway! lol!

I hope the nice weather is here to stay, although they are calling for rain here for the rest of the week.