Thursday, March 19, 2009

A trip to Lowe's and the garage is back on!

The water thing, well now the meter is saying we don't have a leak. And he's dug & dug and not found anything, we don't hear anything running in the house so we're just going to watch it for a few more days and go from there.

But he did get his materials list faxed to Lowe's on Tuesday night & since he was leaving work early yesterday to work on the water lines he went there first. So he ordered all the roofing & decking supplies for the garage AND our back porch too!! (I'll have to get pictures of that) it's cement now and it's a arc on top of a rectangle with just cinder blocks for steps so it needs done. Why not do it all at one time....when we had a 10% off coupon too?

Oh and he bought me a new stove. We'd planned to replace this one at some point when we bought this place. Well a week or so ago the oven door handle broke off so he went ahead and bought that too.

I'm kindof envious that I never get to go on spending sprees of this amount LOL!! But he earned us quite a few reward dollars on our Disney VISA card so next time we head to WDW we'll have a nice little stash we already had close to 200 on there & in another two years or so we'll be doing good!!

So, come Tuesday Lowe's is bringing us a big ol' truckload of stuff and then the fun begins....for him to get to work ;0)

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jenn said...

Sounds like he'll have his hands full for a while! I love doing that kind of stuff...I helped my husband build both my mom and my dad's back decks.