Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We interupt this project......

Yes the one below........for another project.

We got our water bill, followed by a letter from the water company.

Grrrr we have a water leak. NO biggie to some maybe, except our water meter is 1/4 mile from the house so that leak is somewhere in that 1/4 mile.

Thankfully hubby got a hold of the previous owners on Monday night, after I called our real estate agent & she tracked down a new phone number for them, and found out exactly WHERE the lines run because we had no idea, just a guess. And last night found a valve at least halfway between the house & road to turn off & figured out the leak on this side of it. Between the valve & the house. So it's a few hundred feet of line, maybe.

He's hoping to get home from work early today and find it so we can get it fixed!! So he can move on with his garage project!! And we do have a home warranty that will pay for a repair man to come out & fix it once we find if but it may be simple enough to just fix it ourselves & get it fixed rather then wait on them to get someone scheduled to come out and do it, we'll see.

And yesterday we had another day (that makes 5 now since Christmas) of no electric for a length time period.....meaning at least 2 hours. My mom thinks we're being tested here ;)
No biggie, it wasn't cold, I had plans to get our of the house with the kids later anyways so we just left earlier and enjoyed the beautiful day more.


The Lees said...

We have lots of those no electric days! Sometimes the weather is so nice, and you have to say, "what he heck?!?" Good luck with your water leak!

Jen said...

Good grief! That so isn't cool. Hope things are fixed soon, so you can get back to the Garage project :)

Lisa said...

We used to have the electric problem. It was weird. Then the borough did something and that ended. I have no idea what they did, but apparently this neighborhood used to lose power often.

Good luck with the water. Houses are such a joy.