Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad experience

If you go out to eat and have a bad experience do you email the company, ask to speak to the manager there and then, what?

Last night we went to a "fast food" place that has been advertising a sandwich that I used to love, they got rid of and have brought back for over a week now. And we got coupons in the mail for it too, not to mention the pictures & such plastered all over the windows at said establishment.

We had dropped R. off backstage, went to eat quickly & go back to the theater. Well first off, you can hardly get on the parking lot for the craters, er potholes, at the entrance. Secondly, we walk in there is two people working er, three but one is sitting at a table with a guy and a toddler. We should've just walked out then I think.

Nope, I wanted that sandwich. I began placing the order while hubby & the boys went to sit down. I asked for that sandwich I've been wanting and she replied "We don't have that here" Er hello? WHY is it plastered all over your windows if you don't have it? I should've walked out then, nope didn't do it.

So I finish the order they put my two sandwiches & fries on the tray THEN the 'fry cook' puts popcorn down to cook because there wasn't enough for our order or what was there was OLD. So a few more people come in and the girl who was sitting at a table comes up to work behind the counter....with her toddler with her, I know that isn't safe or allowed. Anyways, she decides to give me the old chicken so no one has to 'eat alone' while the fresh cooks. Ugh, it wasn't even edible. It's dinner time you'd think they'd be a little prepared. I should've just asked for my money back and walked out. Except I don't know the one girl could've figured out HOW to give me my money back and we were very limited on time.

Now I've complained I think twice that I can remember in 6 years about service. But this time I just don't think I can let it go. I'm off to email the corporate headquarters. Not that I will ever return to this location, if the restaurant at all but still they need to know, right? What would you do?


jenn said...

I would definitely write to corporate. I worked fast food for many years, and complaints are taken very seriously, especially when they come from corporate. It effects raises, promotions, and even ratings of the store. I have found, though, that complaining at the store might have gotten you your money back, but nothing is usually done, disipline wise, in store.

I would write, and tell them you want a written response. And don't be surprised if they ask for your number to call you.

Suprina said...

Absolutely, complain.
I had to actually call 'Sonic Drive In' and complain last week. It was the first time in my adult life that I even complained.

I received a $20.00 gift card from cooperate in the mail yesterday.
And a letter of apology.

I hated to complain the Sonic...since I love them so much but with situation that occurred I knew I had too.

The Lees said...

I'd be on that like white on rice! That is terrible service. I always compliment good service, even write letters to managers if it's really really good, but I'm an equal stickler about complaining!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

My hubby's a lot more inclined to complain than I am - even in situations where I don't think it's really necessary. But in yours - I think you absolutely should e-mail them. I've done that a couple of times after having horrible experiences and have gotten apologies and free coupons.