Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy week.

While school may be out, curriculum finished we still had to do the standardized testing to complete the year. By state law I have to provide a copy of testing scores or a portfolio report, I opt for the testing, maybe for my own sake too, I don't know.

Anyways, Rachel looks forward to it because they get to go to a 'real school' to do their testing. It's a small Christian school, something like 6 students ~ of which three they already know from their old school~ and they let me bring my kids in to do the testing with their students. Well, she may look forward to it but it sure wears us out, we are not used to getting up and out of the house early. She came home yesterday and took a two hour nap, went back to bed at 9pm and slept until 9am this morning!!!

So we're taking it a little easy this morning then I've got to get them back out to my parent's place, which is just a few miles away from the testing place so the youngest one & I have spent the last two days there instead of going out coming home then going back out to pick them up later that afternoon. Anyways, I've got to get them back out there in a little while to spend the night.

My hubby is having epi-lasik surgery in the morning. He has horrible eyesight and is so looking forward to this procedure so he can get rid of glasses, contacts, bad eyesight etc. I have to have them there by 8am in the morning, it will be 2-3 hours before we're out of there so I don't want to take the kids with me, obviously. But then I have to bring him home, get him settled (he has sleeping pills to take to sleep most of tomorrow & tomorrow night) then go pick up the kids from my parent's house again.

Friday if just an hour of ballet class at this point, we're not sure what hubby will feel like or be able to do so probably we're just gonna hang out at home!

OH and the deck? I need to show you pictures!! The deck is all done, the roofing is all done, only the ramp connecting the backyard to the deck isn't done, it's gone part of the pathway on it but not all of it then it will need the railing too. Not sure when it will get done as we're not sure when he'll be able to do the work after lasik surgery.

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jenn said...

I hope he did well with the surgery, and can't wait to see pictures of all your hard work.