Friday, April 17, 2009


Do you keep a calendar with all your "stuff" on it? Maybe on your desk or fridge or you have a day planner?

For now I have a free Betty Crocker calendar that I tear off each month and hang it on the fridge, usually with the last month behind it, after the 15th with the next month behind the current month in front of the previous month.

Yeah, I'm anal like that =0) I dream of a sweet day planner, really pretty, plenty of room to write on the spaces, perhaps address book to just to keep everything at hand when I'm out. When you're involved in endless dance recitals/classes that would be nice.....maybe for 2010 ;) Shoot though I'd still have this in the house somewhere, just needs to be that way as a reminder LOL!

Anyways, this is what my calendar looked like for March:

You can see how many 'empty' days I had. Now obviously I don't write school on there or days we go see my mom on a whim but these were the planned days, birthdays etc.

Take a look @ April, not many clear days there either huh?

So what's in store for you this month into next?

I seriously took these pictures on the first or there about with all intentions of doing this post life got in the way? ;0)


Jen said...

Ya, I'm busy busy busy as well! I SO want a nice MomAgenda so bad!

jenn said...

Thankfully my kids aren't into dance/sports. We just like to fish, and can do that whenever!