Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Day of School?

I realize some of your kids probably just returned to school after spring break but when is their last day of school?

I'm just curious. ;0)

One of the 'perks' to homeschooling (or at least I *think* it's a perk) is the fact that we finish up early on and have plenty of time to enjoy the decent spring weather before the summer heat & humidity kick in here making it hard to enjoy being outside unless you've got a pool ;) And sadly for us this summer my parents no longer live in the house with a pool. And that means we can go to the parks or what have you alone most days. No crowds ;0)

Anyways, Rachel finished up her year of curriculum one day last week. Justin will be finished with his Wednesday, actually he's down to two subjects tomorrow and takes those final two tests on Wednesday so he's pretty much done now.

They do have their standardized testing next week (Monday & Tuesday)but once they do that we are free to do what we want everyday of the week. Well sort of, Rachel still has dance classes on Monday & Friday until May 11th but you get the idea.

I know the county schools were we live have classes until June 5th...we just grin and cackle that we'll be packed up and headed to the beach that next morning and they will just be finishing up school...mostly because they are making up quite a few snow days this year.

So...when are your kids out of school?


Julie said...

Although I don't have school age kids, I used to work for a school district. In my town they get out of school on May 21 but they start school on August 11. It tends to change a bit every year though. No snow days for us! lol

Lisa said...

June 5th is the last day.

Suprina said...

May 22nd is my kids last day.And that day is Aimee's graduation. Then they return on August 10th.

Should be interesting this next year...Zachary will be going to a completely different school than my older two. Due to re-zoning.

jenn said...

My kids last day is June 3, but the 2 and 3 are half days.

I wish I had the patience to home school...but I really enjoy them being gone some days, as I am sure they enjoy a break from me! lol!

Angela said...

That is SOOO great that you are finished up with school!! I definitley agree- that is one of the best perks of homeschooling- being able to work your own schedule how you want it. Did you start early this past year?? Or are your kids just really fast!??!