Friday, April 24, 2009

My Target deal

I just have to share, the only thing I don't like about sharing is that this sale goes off tomorrow I think so if you want to take advantage you're gonna have to be quick to get there.

I bought two of these at Target. They are on sale at Target this week for $5.99 each, they are Glade new Fragrance Collection's soy candles. Anyways, Target also has them if you Buy 2 get a free $5 Target gift card. I also had two $4 off coupons from the manufacturer.
2 Candles @ $5.99 each = $11.98
minus 2 coupons @ $4 each =$3.98
Free $5 Target gift card leaves me making $1.02 on this deal.
Yes, that's right they paid me to take these candles. Technically it was just credited to my bill as I was buying some other things but still they paid me to take the candle home ;0)
But remember this price & gift card offer ends tomorrow (April 25) at Target. They are regular $5.97 each at Wal-Mart though, I bought the other two there today for $1.97 each because they had their own $4 off coupons attached to the product that lasts until September 2009.
* I tried to link you to a coupon to print off that I used @ Target but it says the offer has ended, sorry! Try finding the coupons on product at Wal-mart though and trying these candles. I LOVE them I have a currant @ acai that is multi wick and it smells so good! And the best thing? They don't smoke because they are soy!*


jenn said...

Wow. that's awesome!

The Lees said...

Wow, great deal! I just got a $10 off $10 at Penney's, so I"m jazzed, LOL.

duchess said...

That is a good deal.
Glad y'all are done with school. We'll probably be finished the first week of June but only because I just pulled them out of PS in Dec. & we'll have a week of vacation in there. Enjoy your time off - we're heading to the local zoo today.