Monday, April 6, 2009

The Snow Queen

Yes, I'm a little behind...okay several months behind. I just took this video off the camera from December. Our daughter's ballet school has the regular classes (for fun etc.) and the pre-professional track for those who are really serious about it. She is in the Apprentice 2 level of the pre-professional track. The lowest is AP 1, then AP 2, then Jr Company & Company. She's determined she's moving up to Jr Company next season, or at least one Jr Company class next year, we'll see in May!

Anyways, she is the third back on the left side. You'll have to excuse the quality ( it seems so hard to get good video with the lighting there)and the lady walking in front of me a time or two. That is our director Ms Michelle Raider and this was during dress rehearsal, the only time we're allowed to video & flash photography is never allowed as it's dangerous to the dancers on stage.

Tomorrow night is the spring performance along with the WV Youth Symphony.