Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tell me why?

I've anxiously awaited for CMT to be added to our HD Dish package so I could see new videos, hear new songs and such again.

Finally last week it showed up on our guide & I quickly turned to that channel.

Please tell me WHY it's called CMT (Country Music Television) if every time I want to watch it's everything BUT Country Music Television?

If I don't get it on that channel before noon then I may as well forget about seeing country music videos because after that it's all Extreme Home Makeover, Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mama, My Big Redneck Wedding, or quite possibly Nanny 911.

I KNOW I can log onto and find any video I want to see anytime I want to see it but because of internet connection restrictions I'm not downloading a bunch of videos all day & besides when I'm online I've got other things to do!! I don't get the TV often during the day, shoot I don't get to choose much at all so when I do I want to know WHY is it called Country Music Television if there is no country music ON my TV?


jenn said...

I have a second channel of CMT that plays all videos, and GAC plays videos, too. Maybe you have those channels???

Jennifer said...

Hmm, really? We only have the one CMT but it was just added like last week so I'll have to check the list of channels and see if there is another one somewhere else. I don't think we have GAC either but I'll look for it.
I knew you'd understand!! ;0)

Jen said...

Ya, it's totally LAME. I never watch the station anymore. I've never heard of GAC or another CMT station. . . will have to look into it.