Sunday, May 3, 2009


Long story short.

We bought a house with two acres on a private road that affronts a public fishing lake. However, the public access is on the other side of the lake but some seem to think it means they can park on this side.

It's gotten worse with the number of vehicles who come up this side. We (us & our two excellent neighbors) pay for all upkeep and do all the maintenance on the road ourselves. We all bought up here for the privacy aspect ya know? A few week ago our closest neighbor put signs up on like every other pine tree (you can see how many that would be here) lining the driveway. Private Property, No Parking, No Trespassing you get the idea.

You'd think that would stop them wouldn't you? Nope, you thought wrong. One evening last week while I was out walking with the pups a guy even drove past me to park, got all his gear out of his truck, then asked me if it was still okay to park here & fish. I told him no, and he still left it parked there and went down the path to the water. Ugh.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't all leave their trash, and yes 98% do. I can't tell you how many chicken liver containers our dogs have brought up in the yard for me to throw away. How many beer cans I've had to take from them to throw away. Maybe.

And some just park there and do um...something? never getting out of their car. Hm, drugs? drinking? intimate things? Isn't that what I paid to get my kids away from? To get out of a neighborhood for?

Last night two trucks parked in the wide spot just below our house. Our pups went nuts, my daughter went out and brought them back up the backyard once. I went out twice to get them back up here on our property, we don't want them down by the lake with fishermen we don't know. We don't want them following any of them out to the main road when they leave. Honestly? We just don't want them parked up here, fishing on the private side.

Today, even though he's still recovering from his epi-lasik surgery, my hubby took ten minutes to go out and put cylinder cement things lining the wide spot, every ten feet or so, we have them lining our driveway coming up the hill, hoping to keep them from parking there. They are easily moved because they aren't in the ground really well at the moment. If they wanted to they could get out, move them and park there anyways. We're hoping they don't. If not we're going to get hateful and start telling them they can't park there.

Although that's what we thought we'd already made clear.


Jen said...

Wow, that's so frustrating!! I would be livid! Hopefully the cement cylinders work! I'd really be getting mad! How rude and disrespectful of those people!

Julie said...

Do you have law enforcement nearby that could help you? Say when someone is on private property, can you call them to report it? That really stinks!

jenn said...

Some people are so inconsiderate. I hope the cement thingys solve your problem.

Lisa said...

People are unbelievable. I have no idea how you can stop their behavior. Would the police be willing to offer help or ideas?