Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain rain go away!!

Rain, Rain. GO. AWAY!!

Day #5 now of rain....nonstop rain....school is done for the year and here we are stuck inside!!

We lost power for a few hours on Saturday, couldn't even shew the kids outside because it was raining. Hubby was sleeping most of the day and recovering from his surgery so we couldn't really go anywhere.

Yesterday morning we lost power AGAIN for a few hours, again couldn't go outside for the rain & chilly temps.

They are fighting alot or getting too woud up in the house and someone gets hurt....usually the smallest, right? Driving me batty, we all need outside.

I'm SICK of rain. GO AWAY rain!!

Seriously, I'm tired because Avery has been getting up early since I had to start waking him up last week to get out of the house. He can't make it all day without getting crabby (usually just a few hours after getting up)and doesn't nap anymore either. I need some sleep, which they only sleep late on Sunday mornings when I have to be up and in the shower regardless, but yet hubby still gets to sleep late on Friday, Saturday or Sundays. I'm tired, I'm cranky, I can feel my body needing some sunshine.

How much you want to bet it's beautiful tomorrow afternoon (although it's not forecast to be)because I have to take the youngest to the peditrician so we can't be outside playing regardless. And he has to get 5 shots so he's not going to be happy after that either.

Calgon take me away. I told you I'm tired & crabby. Along with others in my house.

Rain rain go away!!

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jenn said...

The sun has to come out eventually, right? I hope you make it til then.