Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She's done it again!

So last weekend was the try outs for Rachel's ballet studio. They offer a pre-professional track along with the just for fun classes. To be considered for part of the pre-professional group you have to try out each & every year.

The groups for the pre-professional track are Apprentice I, Apprentice II, Junior Company, and The Company levels.

She was in Apprentice II this year. There were two in her group that also took classes one day a week with the Junior Company, as they aren't quite old enough & ready to move all the way into Jr Company but this would ease them into it. Going into try out weekends this is where she wanted to be placed for next year.

She got her letter today. She's being welcomed into Apprentice 3! I had no idea what that was so I called the studio and talked with the director to find out exactly what that means, since it's not a 'normal' group.

What it means is this, they are too good for AP 2 but not quite ready (mentally, physically, or dance wise) for Jr company level. So there are 7 or 8 girls who are being moved up to AP 3 level next year, meaning they will create anew class for these girls where they will get more one on one attention because it's a smaller class size for one thing. And then once a week they can take a class with the Jr Company too if they choose. Guess where my dd will be? Yep, you guessed it at the studio three days a week as she is so excited to take that class with the Junior Company and the new smaller class geared just to them!!!


Lisa said...

Does your car have autopilot for driving to the dance studio? I think mine did.

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