Friday, May 1, 2009

What did you want to be?

when you were growing up?

There was one thing I never wanted to be, a nurse or Dr. Seems like most girls do the nurse stage but not me.

And I think I have to say it has been confirmed for me in the last 24 hours.

My hubby had Epi-Lasik surgery yesterday morning. He has 6 different kinds of eye drops to use, along with two other medications to take for at least the next three days then the schedule changes again.

Well, I'm in charge of keepin him on schedule, let's just say I'm keeping a chart because there is no other way to keep track which drop was done when and goes next etc. without doing the chart LOL!!

He is doing very well, no pain, and he already has improved vision, actually he did the minute the surgery was done yesterday. It's expected to go in & out the next few days and to get worse before it gets better so I've got a few more days of 'nursing' him around I guess. And then I become chauffeur most likely taking him to work & back this next week, maybe not full time just yet since he does 90% of his work on a computer but at least some of the time.


Julie said...

I NEVER wanted to be a nurse EVER! lol I am too weak stomached! I always just thought I'd be a singer/songwriter entertaining the world! Seriously just thought it would happen!
I'm glad he has very little pain and that it seems to be going well. That is great! I wish I had the courage (and money) to do that!

Lisa said...

I am with you on not wanting to be a nurse. Your husband must be pretty excited about having good vision.