Monday, June 15, 2009

A product review

First I will say that I was not paid to review this in any way, I just bought it @ Target before going on vacation and wanted to share my opinion.

I've been buying the Color Wonders Products for a few years now, and LOVE them. Well we needed some more before leaving, mainly for our youngest as DD asked for plain paper & I'd already bought that.

So, while out shopping hubby & I picked up this for him instead of the normal ColorWonders (they didn't really have any he'd enjoy, all to girly or to young). It's called Crayola, Recoloritz Black

It's crayons to color the black Star Wars pages, then you use the sponge *damp* included in it to erase the page and it can be colored again.

It was such a mess!! DD colored Yoda green, then she had green hands, from it rubbing off on her and coming off the sponge when she tried to clean it off. TRIED to clean it off, it doesn't come off that easy if at all. Ds was a mess too. I had to take the two they'd colored, use napkins, damp sponge, damp napkins, etc & get them cleaned off in the van.

Then we had to scrub & I mean scrub our hands @ the next place we stopped with a restroom to get it all off of us!!

Ds just colored another one on my kitchen table, it's now covered in crayon marks, etc. from where he tried to clean it off, then I took over, it's still not clean. And now I have green hands again from the green crayon he was using today.


Lisa said...

I would call Crayola and tell them what happened.

Julie said...

Uh oh. Not recommended I bet. 1 out of 5 stars?! lol I'm sorry that everything is green from it! I will have to remember your review for the future!
How was your trip by the way?