Thursday, June 4, 2009

Showers....not the rain kind.

Do you like to attend baby, wedding, etc showers?

What about planning them? Do you help plan them if someone in the family or a close friend is getting married/having a baby? I LOVE to plan these things...maybe I'm weird?

I love all the planning, thinking of themes, etc. that goes into it. I even like the decorating, coming up with games & door prizes, menu's that some consider hard work.

I've often thought I should go into business of planning them. Wonder how many would pay for someone else to do everything from the invitations, decorating, menu planning, game providing, to even possibly playing 'hostess' the night of. Not including clean up or food most times, then again for a fee the food could be provided too. But, instead I'll just handle it for friends, church family & family I guess.

Actually, I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow night. I'm kind of disappointed with the 'theme' as there really isn't one. This was a last minute decision to do it tomorrow night and I'm leaving on vacation Saturday morning so it's really just going to be thrown together instead of lots of thoughts & planning going into it ahead of time.

It'll still be nice I'm sure, I hope people turn out & the mom to be is blessed even if it was planned with 2 weeks to go.

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jenn said...

I love baby showers. When we did my sisters, we hung a clothes line and asked all the guests to bring something to put on it, from socks to outfits. It turned out so cute, and acted as decoration as well.