Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip Report Tuesday

**instead of making this post picture heavy (and fighting with blogger)I decided to just post a few & do more later in separate posts ;0)**

We had a excellent time last week, just goes too quickly & ends too soon for me. I've asked numerous times if we can't stay gone 10-14 days but it doesn't happen that way.
The evening we arrived (it took us about 10 hours to get there, with horrible traffic from Richmond to Nags Head pretty much)it was cloudy, cool, and very windy there. I snapped this picture later that night:
Sunday morning I awoke early, how come the ONLY place on earth I'm a morning person is by the ocean? =0) But getting up early was worth it for this view from our front porch:

It was a beautiful day, in the 70's with lots of sun, just perfect actually. We even ventured to stay on the beach all day unlike what we usually do. Most years we go out early stay out till lunch then go back sometime after 4pm. This year we went in had lunch and went back to the beach. I'm not sure if the sunscreen got reapplied or not ( I was still eating lunch when they went back down to the beach as I'd came in later then the rest)but it quickly became apparent that night that the kids were sunburned....so was I on my back.

We went in, showered, dressed around 2pm and headed down the road. Can you believe that a friend from school was in the next town down and we met up with them there but we so don't see each other here? We all agreed we're going to fix that now that we're back home!! Anyways we went & had early bird dinner at a restaurant we like, Dolphin Den, then went to check out the friends beach house ;) Gotta scout in case we need a bigger one later LOL!!
Monday morning since the kids had sunburns in places we decided to go out early & skip the afternoon on the beach, like we should've done the day before. So we spent a few hours on the beach then headed down the coast to ride the next ferry to the next island, Ocracoke.

Our youngest was a year old last time we were at this beach so we wanted him to experience the ferry ride, he loved it. Then we had lunch @ Howard's Pub & Raw Bar. I like their food too, Howard passed away in 2005, actually the last time we were there, on his boat. He was from WV @ some point and we really just love this atmosphere & such there. Even our server was from WV!!! Of course we were back on the beach by dinner time. And the sunset that night did not disappoint!!

Tuesday...hmm...well more of the same ;) Seriously every morning & evening we were on the beach. Playing in sand, the ocean, fighting waves for nice big seashells ( I should show you our booty!!)just enjoying it all.

But Tuesday afternoon we took the kids to the Aquarium that is back up on the mainland, about 20 minutes once you hit the mainland I guess. It's a nice place, and relatively cheap $8 for adult, $6 for kids, 5 and under is free. They really enjoy the 'touch tanks' where you can touch stingray, sea stars, sea urchins, and some

Then we hit some of the shops up there, stopped by the outlet for the shoe store and finally found dd a pair of sandals that she could walk in all the time!! My parents were with us this whole week & pulled into the parking lot @ the outlet behind us, they'd done other stuff earlier. They took our oldest with them to the grocery store ~ we were going to Sonic to eat he didn't want to go, wanted take'n'bake pizza from the deli. So he got to run around with them for a little while before we all met back up @ the house for more beach time.
Wednesday afternoon was Rachel's turn to spend some time with my parent's alone. So she went with them while the rest of us drove back down the coast to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Avery wanted to climb it with his Daddy so we obliged. I can't do lighthouse climbs, I have issues with vertigo the last few years, so Justin sat with me while they climbed. I wondered if he'd make it up all 249 steps but before I knew it they were waving from the top while I videoed them up there!

Jason and I went out for dinner alone that evening. And I walked through all the shops at the outlet that I'd missed the first time. Not sure why I couldn't find anything to fit, or it was too expensive. I hate shopping anymore.
Thursday afternoon was Avery's turn to run around with Grandma & Grandpa. So while they took him out we took the older two to play one round of putt-putt just down from our beach house. Then returned later that evening with Avery so he could play a round too. They loved it, we should go more often here @ home.

Friday no one wanted to not spend time on the beach, we knew it was our last day ya know? But Jason had mentioned checking out the Sound side of the island earlier in the week so Rachel decided she wanted to go over there to swim without waves knocking her down. There were a few rough water days and she was tired of it. So he took her & Avery over there for a few hours while Justin, my mom & dad, and I stayed at the ocean.

Then we hit a few local shops that afternoon, I'd been eyeing this beautiful sea glass jewelry all week but didn't want to pay for it. Well we hadn't spent what we usually do on eating out so I decided to go splurge, ended up getting a necklace for $20 instead of a more expensive bracelet...now I'm disappointed because it's like the chain isn't long enough, feels like it is choking me so I don't know what I'll do with, not wear it I don't guess.

They went back to the Sound that evening & I was meeting up with them not twenty minutes later. When I got there they were already out of the water, it was clouding up really bad. A wind surfer had come in from way out and said it was thundering & such out that way. Sure enough when we checked there was a severe thunderstorm warning & it moved in about an hour later. So we spent the evening cleaning up the beach house, doing all the packing we could, getting ready to come home.

I was up at like 5:15am Saturday morning, and greeted with this before sunrise:

There was a beautiful sunrise and we got to see about 10 dolphins swimming up the coast and playing a little in the surf before we left. We'd seen them one other morning but nothing like this.
I've got lots more pictures, although you won't see any of me, there were two taken of just Jason & I Friday night that are horrible so there are none with me in them from the whole week. I'll try to separate & post here later ;)


jenn said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. What was the name of the aquarium?

I love the pictures. The sunrises are beautiful!

Lisa said...

No wonder you didn't want it to end. It looks like a wonderful time.