Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Lighthouse

So the last two times we've been in Florida it's been a 'treat' for first Justin then Rachel to climb the lighthouse nearby with Daddy. I can't climb lighthouse, I have issues with vertigo. So this year, it was Avery's turn to climb a lighthouse. the other two weren't interested so we went one afternoon so Daddy & Avery could do the climb. I sat on the porch of the house in a picture below & waited ;) Enjoy!!

this is the old Light keeper house, it's administrative offices now.

See the path in the land? This is the path where they moved this lighthouse inch by inch back. About 10 years ago now I think? It had to be moved to preserve it. It used to sit way out there on end where it's just sand.

a view from the top

looking down while climbing up


Lisa said...

Great picture of the steps. I don't handle steps well, so I appreciate the step shots, as I surely will never gets to see that for myself.

Julie said...

How beautiful! The "up high" pics are dizzying for me though! lol I am so afraid of heights!

Btw, you intrigued me...mandarin orange cake? Can you send it to me? NOT the cake, although that would be nice, I mean the recipe! ;)

Jen said...

I LOVE these pictures! Your vacation looks amazing! You got some really unique and beautiful shots!