Thursday, July 30, 2009

A giveaway!!

OH I love this one!!

My friend Lisa at AKA West is hosting a bloggy giveaway along with Online Poster Printing. The winner will receive one 18x24 poster print of their choice.
THIS is the photo I'd choose:
or maybe this one:
Either way it'd be framed and hung above our bed, I've thought of having these printed & hung in there before just haven't done it.

So, if you want in on the giveaway visit her blog to get entered!


Lisa said...

You might remain the only entrant. I don't have the most popular blog out there!

jenn said...

Those are both beautiful photos.

Jen said...

Wow- did you take those photos? They are gorgeous!! I hope you win b/c they'd look great blown up!

Jennifer said...

Jen, yes I took those while in California in 2007.
I like the way the sun is shining on the water in the first one but I like the way that it's nothing but landscape in the second...such a dilema LOL!!Thanks!!