Sunday, July 19, 2009

So tell me...

WHERE do you get your FREE cute, stylin', chic looking blog templates?

I think I need a change but I can't decide what I do need!!

Obviously I've used Cutest Blog on the Block and I really liked Leelou Blogs when I used them too. But I can't find anything on either of those to 'suit my fancy' this time.

I really like my header that Jenn made for me so I think I'd like to keep it, at least through the fall then I might have to change it.

Oh and it must be easy to install because if it's not well, it won't get installed here LOL!! So TELL ME WHERE do you get your templates?


jenn said...

I just make a header, and use bloggers basic templates...I just play with the colors. I don't have the patience to install these fancy ones. lol!

Jame's said...


Lisa said...
It says she will make you one, or you can use what she has.