Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Blahs

That is what I feel like. And yet I don't know why, this is my favorite time of year so why do I feel so blah?

I keep trying to find something we could do to no avail, maybe that is one reason.

I know one reason I felt so bad over the weekend, it was cool all week last week, hardly any sunshine to speak of and I am a person who needs her sun. I went to church on Sunday & had dinner with Jason & the kids but then I slept for several hours and went back to bed at the normal time and slept again, I just couldn't face sitting here at home stuck in the house with the kids while it rained again.

I've checked into local pool prices, that is something we are all missing this summer, using the in ground pool at my parent's house they lived in last year but no longer. Anyways, the city pools are free so I drove by my preferred one the other day and dare I say it...the crowd looked a little rough. I don't know that I could go and take my three kids alone and be comfortable so I guess that is out. The one county pool that is nearby used to be always crowded and I'm sure that hasn't changed so I won't do that one alone, have to wait till hubby is off one day. But the last two Friday's he's been off he's been playing golf and I think that is the plan for this coming Friday too if his best friend gets a tee time & a foursome set up.

We don't do schoolwork through the summer, although I have to say had we had it here we would've last week since we weren't doing much else anyways. I wait until the publishers come to town and have a motel meeting to save 10% and get free shipping. I'm actually going to one of those this afternoon, to get Avery's curriculum, I use Abeka for him and ACE for the older two. Anyways, I'm going to go order his kindergarten stuff and a art book & history book for Rachel to supplement her other stuff. But we won't start back yet, I think I'd just have a rebellion on my hands if I tried least from the older two LOL!!

So now I'm trying to find us something to do, we're thinking we'll go back to the Creation Museum one Friday but not sure when.

I shouldn't be like this, I got a week at the beach and some aren't getting that this summer right?

But tell me what are you doing this summer? Anything different you don't do the rest of the year?

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jenn said...

We're going camping in August, and we're really looking forward to it.

We had boredom here, too, until my mom bought the kids a pool. It's 12 feet round, and only about 2 feet deep, but it gets them wet and they spend hours in it. It wasn't that expensive, either. Maybe that's an idea?