Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

I've seen this on another blog I visit and thought I might try it out, to see what has kept us busy (or NOT) this past week.

Last Sunday we went to church and came home. It was raining we sat here & did nothing but looking at each other all day, I went to bed for a few hours. I sit here with the kids day in & day out why sit here while they wrestle & fight another afternoon. *ugh*

Monday, again just here at home doing nothing. Until 4:30 and took Rachel to her summer ballet class. I think I did all of our laundry, which was like 5 loads, finally finished that around 8:30pm

Tuesday, again the kids sat here & did nothing. Some time spent outside, a few hours here & there. Rachel & Avery played in the little dinky blow up pool with a few inches of water. They both can barely fit in it together (we don't have the room in the yard for a bigger one, not even those quick set one AND we're afraid the puppies would pop it or try to chew on it when we're not out there so it'd just be ruined if we did set up a flat spot ~ which would take some time here LOL!)
After dinner I sat down and made a list of the definite things I wanted to order for Avery for school this year and a few things I wanted to check out before ordering on Wednesday.

Wednesday: I took the three kids and went to a hotel open house meeting to order Avery's curriculum and three books for Rachel too. So we spent about an hour out of the house. Came home ate lunch and they went out to play. Jason took the older two to adult Bible study, I went a few weeks ago and Avery talked, whined, carried on through it all so I just stay home, what's the point if I can't hear the lesson? We have a small church, there is no classes or anything for the kids on Wednesday nights, there is barely enough adults to handle Sunday School classes.

Thursday: I went to my mom's house with the kids and left them for like 3 hours while hubby & I met two friends at the ball park for $1 night. Then I drove back out to pick them up, got home & everyone in bed 11pm.

Friday (today): I'm doing laundry, balanced the checkbook, paid a bill, called in prescription refill (for hubby's EXPENSIVE eye drops from lasik surgery!) and that is it. I'm going to fix the kids lunch then we'll sit here & do nothing all day I guess. Hubby is off work on Fridays MAYBE he'll cut the grass~ finally, or finish our back porch redo ~ finally or something!!

Tomorrow is grocery store
Sunday is church then home to do nothing.

No wonder I've got the summer blahs ;)


Jen said...

Summer blahs indeed!! You are a busy woman!! I couldn't keep up with that. . . and I don't, lol! I'm so behind on all my housework, etc! Yet, I sit here and read blogs at 2:30 in the morning. Wow, I got a thing or two to learn!

The Lees said...

Busy girl! Never ends, does it. Two businesses, full time kiddos... and don't even look at my house. It looks like someone picked it up & shook it. I'm behind in EVERYTHING except hangin with the punks. It's wearing on me that little man is headin to preschool in the fall. So, we go to the pool, movies, etc. while I slip farther & farther behind. But I don't care. I've given into it. Ha ha ha. My dust bunnies are forming a revolution!