Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Menu planning?

Do you make up menu plans for a week or so at a time? Maybe to help with the grocery shopping, to help your budget, just to save your sanity?

I have had it with trying to come up with something to fix for breakfast, lunch , and dinner pretty much every day, at least for the kids, that they ALL or at least two of them. Pretty much I've been feeding them three times a day for three years straight now. Yeah I know we're supposed to feed them I'm just tired of the same old things, nobody wants to eat the same thing as the other person, no one wants to eat the same thing....again. You'd never think I'd miss my kids eating school lunches huh? But I do, yes I still had to pack lunches but more often they ate @ school. See, there you go, one of the con's of home school to me LOL!!

So I decided I'd try to come up with a menu plan, or at least ideas of what we could be having, to add some variety. I started a list of things they already eat, things they like but haven't had lately, and then I pulled up the county school boards website to find their school menus. I actually got a few ideas from that, now to implement that. Then maybe I'll work on a dinner menu idea thing too.


Jame's said...

thats a good idea to get it from the county menu.. I decided though when Brooklyn was a baby that as my kids grew.. if they didn't like it, they could eat bread/butter and wait for the next meal. So far Joey sometimes goes for that option, but for the most part, they know if they don't eat, they just are gonna be hungry.. but the bread and butter is always Good Luck!

Lisa said...

We just eat what, and whenever, so I am not of any help. I do enjoy reading other people's menu plans, especially if they serve dessert.

GaGalLynne said...

Hey Jenn,
For breakfast you could always do a simple fahitta (sp?) roll up for the kids :)
Stuff in whatever they like- eggs, bacon, and swipe some jelly on the fahitta before rolling it up.

Julie said...

I make a list of meals but I don't necessarily stick to a certain order. I like making up my mind from what I have on paper. It makes me feel more free. lol. I noticed that shopping with a meal list saves me money, for sure, and time. :)

Julie said...

Where are you? I miss you! :)