Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When does school start for your kids, or nieces/nephews/grandkids if you have no kids of your own?

One perk of homeschooling is being able to set our own schedule. If we want to go to WDW for a week in September (as we've been known to do) then we just leave the work behind and go. If we want to be finished for the year in April so we can enjoy the nice cooler days of spring then we can, if we only want to work 4 days a week to synchronize with Daddy's work schedule then we can. ;0) Don't have to file any paperwork, get permission from anyone to do so we just make the plans and do it.

That's a perk mind you, there are some non-perks too hahaha.

So with that said I've Avery's curriculum for kindergarten since mid-July. I feel so guilty about this year with him. His older brother & sister were in a Christian school when they were his age (she finished 1st grade there & he finished 4th grade there). We made a big deal out of the first day of school, new outfit, new backpack, lunchbox, took pictures, you get the idea. Does he get any of that? No. Oh and at the end of the year, for graduation? This school went all out, they had real cap & gowns to wear plus a real graduation ceremony where they received a Bible, a 'diploma' and some sort of goody box. Will he get any of this? No. And it's really bothering me I want that for him, I want the excitement, the meeting new friends or those he knew last year in preschool ( he didn't have that like they did either).

I've had the other curriculum since one day last week, um Thursday morning I think? I spent Thursday evening sorting it all out and then Friday organizing it all and laying out three weeks of lesson plans to get us started.

So we started yesterday, sort of. I always stagger the plans out so it's all six subjects in the first day or two. This also helps when it comes time for tests they aren't doing all 6 tests on one day. Justin prefers not to do Math & English tests on the same day so I try to make sure he doesn't as much as possible. It's rained here yesterday & today, I figured we may as well do some work, maybe I was just trying to save my sanity cause they were bored & wild in the house LOL!!

We're only going to do these two days this week, and probably two-three days the next two weeks. We've got a little mini vacation planned to Atlanta in a few weeks so we'll wait until we return to go back to our full four days a week schedule. And most likely we'll be finishing up in April sometime next year ~ there's no week off planned for Disney this fall boohoo ~just in time to enjoy the weather getting warm & nice around here again after the winter.


Jame's said...

why don't you have a kindergarten graduation at your church? He could still have that.. even if its just getting the cap/gown and having cake/ice cream downstairs and him just stand there for everyone to take a picture of or something, maybe have him memorize a poem or verse or something. This is probably what we will do with Joey. Hey, maybe we will visit in the spring and they can do it together! haha

Julie said...

Sorry I didn't answer you, I thought I did. School here starts approximately August 10th. It gets earlier each year. I do like that you are able to set your own schedule with homeschooling. Too cool! :)