Friday, September 25, 2009


For the second time in 4 days I have a sick little boy.

About 11pm Tuesday night shortly after Jason & I went to bed we heard Avery throwing up. I hate when they are sleeping soundly and get sick in their bed before realizing it. So I sent hubby to the bathroom to help him/deal with him while I stripped his bed & threw all that in the washer. He was super hot running a fever too. I got him back to bed a little while later and he slept late the next morning. Even still, Wednesday morning he was running a fever but as the day went on he acted like he was feeling better.

Yesterday he was fine.

This morning he was okay. At lunch he complained of a headache, he ate a little then laid on the couch. Now he's HOT again!! His face is flush, I went to get the thermometer to check his fever and can not find it. Seriously, so rarely does anyone around here have a fever that I honestly don't remember seeing it since we moved. He asked for some Gatorade so I gave him that & he's laying here on the couch beside me emitting heat.

I have a feeling hubby & I will be cancelling our plans to go out with friends tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to pass anything along to anyone else. Phooey, one Saturday there is no WVU college football game on so I can get hubby to leave the house & we may be stuck in regardless ~ well I'll have to run Rachel to ballet then be at home all day.

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jenn said...

I hope whatever it is he has passes quickly, and that no one else gets it!