Thursday, October 15, 2009

And baby makes 5.

My sister in-law gave birth to a seven & half pound baby boy early this morning. Making 4 boys she now has at home.

So I now have 5 nephews!! I guess maybe one of Jason's other sisters will give us some nieces in ten years or so. We do have one but we don't see that half sister often to see Lilly often either. He has little sisters that are 14, 13, 11, almost 9 still at home. My brother & his wife are having no more, they are older then us & done with the one.

Anyways, they'd planned to induce at 6am this morning and she went into labor last night. Momma and baby are doing fine. I hope to get to go see him no later then tomorrow morning, he went on his lunch break and emailed me a picture from his cell phone.

Welcome to the world Jacob Liam!!

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