Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the mood

It is such a fall day here today. While the temps are in the 60's it's VERY windy outside making it quite chilly. Days like this make me want to do this:

Pumpkin Fudge

Sugar Cookies

Peanut Butter Pie

OREO Truffles

But I have worked hard to lose the weight that I've lost & still have a little way to go to meet my goal so while the rest of the family would be happy, I'm not spending hours doing that when I can't enjoy any of it.

Then I think, oh I could go all out for dinner! Except most of the cold weather dinner things (we eat the same thing all year honestly) to me would mean something like mom's biscuits & gravy & well, I may as well bake if that were the menu for dinner!

So I need to find something else to do with my time. What do you do once the weather takes a turn for the cooler & can keep you inside more?


Jen said...

Oh my gosh!! That ALL looks divine!! Pumpkin fudge?! Sound so good! The oreo truffles and the pb pie? Are you serious! I could eat your page right now! Dang it for me trying to lose weight.

BTW- you are doing an AMAZING job on your weight loss!!

Jennifer said...

Jenn, THAT is excatly why I'm NOT making any of this stuff. At least not yet LOL! I'm hoping to make it till closer to Thanksgiving to start the 'real' baking!!

Thanks!! I'm so excited that I'm actually losing the weight! I'm reado go shopping, gonna have to soon my jeans are getting too loose YAY!