Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Little Red.....

Finish that sentence.
What do you think of when you hear, 'The Little Red.....'? Hen? Schoolhouse? Something else?
Right now, around here it would be the little red school cabinet, ignore the stack of photo books on top, those go in the rooms I'm painting so I stacked them here while I work in that room.
My mom got this armoire off of freecycle in our area a while back, it's a several hundred dollar armoire from JcPenny that I had loved when it was in the catalog (and may still be) but I knew I wasn't going to pay that price, plus the shipping to own one, no matter how much I wanted one for our TV.
It needed some work when she got it but hey it was free!! She decided she didn't have the room for it and gave it to me and I immediately went to work. I forgot to take a before picture but this shot of the inside shows you what color it was:
And this shows you the use I've put it to. Those file boxes are the kids schoolwork, pencils, etc. Each kid has their own box so they just have to get it out & put it away each day. There is still so much wasted space in the top portion of this cabinet!! I've asked hubby to some sort of shelving in there so I could move the board games up and put the schoolwork yet to be used (that is currently still in a box in the basement)in that bottom corner.
So there is yet another painting project I've been working on around here. As for the kitchen/living room I'm done over to this point:
I took a break the last two days & might paint some more today, then again I might just move furniture out & finish getting all the prep work done first!


Jame's said...

Cute cabinet! Also your rooms are looking awesome. You sure know how to warm things up.

Nordicblogger said...

That's a great cabinet. I really like the color.

Laurie said...

Jennifer, you did a great job painting the cabinet. And, what great use you've already put it to!