Thursday, October 1, 2009

Master Bath

When we moved in I (we) had plans for the whole house, we accomplished alot before we moved in but there are still some things that have yet to be completed. There are still some things that won't be completed for another few years probably.

I had planned to repaint the master bath a pretty purple color, or at least some of the walls. We bought all new purple towels & rugs, ready to go. Then I looked at the bathroom again after closing. The walls are the slick shower wall board, which means no paint will stick to it.

Here is a picture: from the bedroom doorway looking in, we have a shower stall only with the commode & a pedestal sink. I have a white cabinet sitting on that wall across from the commode now, needed some sort of storage. I like the trim color so no need to change that.

So it was just going to be purple accessories, that was fine. I just had to find the perfect purple shower curtain. But, then we started using it daily and I figured out that a shower curtain that you buy in a store is made for a bigger shower, one in a bathtub. That leaves too much fabric/curtain in the shower stall with us. So I wasn't going to be able to buy a purple shower curtain unless I wanted to cut it down to size (which is what I do for the liner)& those things can be expensive!! I decided I'd make my own.
A year later I've finally gotten close to done with it, I bought the material this time last year but just got around to getting it sewn together in the last two weeks.

While it's not done yet I've got it put together at least, I brought it home (I've been sewing at my mom's house because my machine isn't working at the moment)to measure, make sure it fit okay before hemming it off and adding the ties that will attach it to the shower rod. This is it hanging over our bedroom door so I could get a picture. And yes I realize it's a little crooked but, this is my first major sewing project that I had NO help whatsoever with so I'm proud of it!!

I priced handmade shower curtains on places like Etsy, I'm beginning to think I should made some more and sell them, they were pricey!!