Sunday, October 25, 2009

Temporary fix

Since we've moved in here this kitchen hasn't been to my liking. Of course, finally getting a nice new dream kitchen only to turn around and sell that house 3 months later wasn't exactly in my plans either. We've got plans for this one too, little by little things will get to the way I'd like them, hopefully.

In the meantime I spent yesterday adding some color to the blah kitchen. I took if from this:

To this:

I say temporary fix because we'd planned to switch out the fridge with black or stainless side by side or french door bottom mount freezer. Well when the cabinets & counter top were put in by the previous owners someone made the counter top to fit snuggle against the fridge, so to replace it a new one will have to be the same size or smaller. Those other kinds won't fit here. So we've discussed it and have decided to wait 3-5 years to do that, then we will take the boards surrounding the top of the cabinets off & replace with the crown molding top. We will lay all new hardwood floor, preferably DARK, and get new counter top too. So this was my fix it to my liking for now kind of deal.

I'm painting the living room the same color as it is one big "L" shaped room. I hope to get it all done by next weekend, maybe by Friday.


jenn said...

That's a beautiful shade of green. I have a black fridge, and it's huge. When we moved into this apartment, we had to cut the bottom off of the cabinets above where the fridge went because ours wouldn't fit. They're gonna be a little ticked when they find out, but I don't care.

Lisa @ akawest said...

The color makes a huge change. Your ambition is enviable. That's a lot of painting to do.