Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Mini-getaway

A few weeks ago in our daily newspaper a resort about two hours away from us, called The Greenbrier offered a special as "A Tribute to the Virginia's". Room rates were being offered on two dates in November, December, January, and February. For $59 a night (regular room rates begin at around $269 per night)with inclusive golf green fees (golf green fees on this course this time of year run $95 IF you are a guest, if you're not a guest they are $165).

Well, my hubby is a golfer and he immediately wanted to do & sent a email off to his best friend to see if he could go, then sent me one asking if I minded if he went. I told him go ahead, while I'd like to see the place this is the height of the winter dance season for our dd with two weeks to go before performances, rehearsals are on the calendar alot along with regular class schedule. Anyways, a few hours later he's calling me to tell me that D. won't go without taking his wife so I have to go too. Hm....okay, so I decided since they didn't get a tee time till 1:27pm I'd leave up there early, come home & get dd to dance and relieve my parent's of the boys too. Well it didn't work out that way, for reasons I won't go into here so I had to get DD a carpool ride to dance before we could leave town.

But we left on Sunday afternoon after church. We planned to do some Christmas shopping on the way up but that didn't pan out (that's a whole different post!) and drove up.

I'm not sure what I expected because I've seen pictures of the place before but it wasn't what I expected. I worried over what to wear, jeans would be too casual too out of place. Having just lost 15.5 lbs I don't have a lot of anything that fits right now, so forth & so on. But you know what? It's just a normal WV place, friendly people, greet you as you walk by, don't care what you have on, smile, just plain ol' WV folk. ;0)

We checked in, our room wasn't ready, so while we waited for them to call us we did a little exploring. Our friends were about 45 minutes behind us checking in, when they checked in and got their room right away hubby went back to the desk to see if our room was ready. It was, and boy were we surprised! We booked the exact same accommodations as the other couple. But come to find our after talking to them on Monday morning we got way more then they did. They got a bedroom with bathroom & walk in closet. We had a big sitting room & a second bathroom on top of the bedroom, bathroom & walk-in closet.

The guys enjoyed the golf course on Monday afternoon, and after doing some small shops in a nearby town we enjoyed the free afternoon tea served in the upper lobby.

If you'd like to see pictures (and you're not a friend on facebook) you can, just click on the word pictures ;)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Just curious......why wouldn't "D" go without his wife? We all need a little "me" time now and then!


Nordicblogger said...

It's a really beautiful place! I'm glad you enjoyed it.