Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blogs

In the last week or so I have found three new blogs that I am now reading & following.

First is Design Girl, she designs blogs, hosts giveaways, etc. Actually, she's hosting a giveaway right now which prompted me to share her blog with you when I meant to last week and forgot. I'd love to win this giveaway, I know I could put in my newly decorated living room!!

Another is [RE]beautify. This girls has got talent when it comes to 'redoing' things and being creative!! I want to make this with the kids soon:

And last but not least is Just A Girl another talented, creative blog!

Have you found any new blogs lately?


Jame's said...

The girls and I made a case of those Thanksgiving mixes just a few days ago for our neighbors! I use a piece of material at the top though, I think it might be easier too.. haha. Cute blogs, thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Thanks for all the links to some great blogs! I love finding new ones to read and to gain inspiration from!