Friday, January 22, 2010


Do you have any excitement going on in your life right now?

Obviously, I'm in countdown mode to Maui, only 111 days now. But that is still a little farther out so I need some excitement in my life now!!

Well I've got it, I'm sitting here listening to my IPod Touch, all my Rascal Flatts songs to get me pumped up and ready for the CONCERT TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoohoo!! They were in town last year and hubby wouldn't go, when tickets went on sale this past fall for this one I refused to not go. I bought the cheap seats ($40 is that really considered cheap?)so it's very top of the arena but I don't really care I'm just ready to go see them LIVE tomorrow night!!!

Since hubby isn't a huge fan I found someone else to take his seat and go with me. I'm sure I'll have a better time and he'll have a better time at home with the kids this way LOL!!

So anything new or coming soon in your life that you are excited about?

1 comment:

Jen said...

Hawaii?...Rascal Flatts....who could ask for anything more?!? :D