Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wow, so another year is gone huh?

What sticks in your mind most for 2009? I ask that but honestly can't really answer it myself. I guess there are a few things but not any 'big deal' 'awesome' things like some blog posts I've read in the last day or so.

This is what sticks out in my memory for 2009.
  1. Losing 20 lbs. After being unhappy with my weight for at least 3 years now.
  2. Going back to The Outer Banks for a week in June with my parents. We hadn't vacationed there since 2005.
  3. Getting healthy, with my diet AND with the help of my Naturopath. In the fall of 2003, while pregnant with our last child, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I went along with the meds for the baby's sake (that and doing research on the internet can resolve n some super scary results!! EEK!). I've felt miserable ever since. I swore up & down that the meds caused more symptoms of the disease then the disease itself did, for me at least. As of mid-December I am free of those medications! I am taking charge of MY health and my hypothyroidism is for all sakes gone. I've still got to get blood work to confirm but I feel great & everything shows up okay @ the Naturopath's office. Thanks to Dr Lori for that!!
  4. Hm oh, my 'baby' started kindergarten!! Well I home school so it's not as big of a deal I guess and let me tell you the guilt of that got to me last fall too. The older two actually went to school for kindergarten (they were 5th & 2nd grade when we pulled them out) so for him not to get the big deal made out of the first day, and a 'big' graduation ceremony (he's almost done with his curriculum for the year)really made me feel guilty. I'm thinking we're going to have to do something once he finishes his curriculum!!
  5. Rachel moved up on more level in her ballet classes, she is now in Apprentice level 3 to the Company. Next? Junior Company then Company!!
  6. We were blessed with another year to be with my hubby's Grandpa. He's more like a Dad to him and in April 2008 we almost lost him. He's not doing great now, he started dialysis a week or two before Christmas so we're thankful for every day we have with him.
  7. We were also blessed with another nephew in October! That brings the total to 5 nephews for us.
  8. Oh we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia in August. We'd looked forward to the seeing the big Aquarium since the day it opened a few years ago and I have to say we all enjoyed it and will definitely go back.
  9. And I earned a new GOLD library card this year. My library system put out a 'challenge' to all patrons to read 100 novels for their 100th Anniversary & you'd earn a gold card. You can read more about that on my book blog here
So that's about it, see not anything major huh? I had to really think to come up with these, how pitiful is that anyways?
What about goals for the new year or anything you're looking forward to especially? I know of these few off the top of my head.
  1. As of right now I've lost 21.5 lbs. I'd like to loose maybe 3-4lbs more if that, but honestly I'd like to be able to maintain this weight. And not have to be so strict with my way of eating everyday. I did make lifestyle changes but to splurge a little more would be nice sometimes too ;)
  2. To read 135 books in 2010, I'm on my way I've already read my first one & am halfway through my second.
  3. TO SEE HAWAII!!! This one will be met! My husband planned a 6 night trip for he & I in May. It's sort of a I appreciate all you do with the homeschool/house/kids, 15th Anniversary (June 24), Christmas present all rolled in to one I think. LOL!! But HE took the initiative, he planned it (he asked for my opinions on some things), he booked the hotel (OCEAN view room baby!!), flights, rental car, etc. I'm so excited! My Dad even took the week we're going to be gone off from work to spend with the grandkids ~ they will be staying with my parent's while we're gone & will be so spoiled!!
  4. T continue to get healthy with my Naturopath.
  5. To enjoy the Casting Crowns concert on my hubby's birthday in April. We've got our tickets for that already.
  6. And last but not least? This year I'll be the mother of a teenager!! HOW did that happen? Our oldest will be 13 in March, holy cow!! That must make me old right? Well that and the fact that I've been married 15 years this June?!?!
So there you have it, my boring boring life LOL!! Do you have any goals or anything you are looking forward to this year?

And P.S. blogspot bloggers....what the heck happened to the spell-check feature? I'm not seeing it anywhere?

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jenn said...

Great post! I just weighed in with a 40 pound lost in 09, but need to lose a whole bunch more before I am happy.

Oh, and my spell check is right where it's always been.