Friday, January 8, 2010

Where have I been?

You want to know why no blog post in the last 5 days? Actually longer then that as I scheduled that one earlier. I honestly can't tell you. I certainly haven't been out running around. We came in on Sunday from 'Christmas' with hubby's Dad, Grandparent's, and Sister not expecting any bad weather overnight.

Monday morning we had another several inches of fresh new snow. The road were we live was bad so hubby went in to work a little later then usual. He took my Odyssey since it does have the traction control which is more then his older min-van has. My plan all day was to miss dd's ballet class that evening. He said he'd come in and get her & take her back out. Yeah, well that got cancelled when he found out our driveway was so slick (ice under the snow that fell Sunday night & all day Monday)that he couldn't get the van all the way up the hill to home.

Tuesday morning, he ended up going to work after lunch. After his boss brought the company 4 wheel drive truck to pick him up. He brought the truck home Tuesday & Wednesday so he could get home. Last night his brother in law brought him home. Yep, we've still got lots of snow and still can't get the van all the way up the driveway.

So where I have I been? No where! No ballet on Monday or Tuesday and we won't be taking her in the morning if class isn't cancelled either. Guess we'll be back on Monday!!

I have been keeping up with my laundry, household stuff just in case we lost our electric we did just before Christmas for five days, and reading. I'm on my fifth book of the year, I keep a list on my other blog and a challenge for those of you who read if you're interested.

I'll try to post more often!!


Nordicblogger said...

It's so easy to get busy, but it sounds like you've had plenty on your plate lately! Just the laundry alone can be overwhelming.

jenn said...

I am a little jealous of all your reading. I wish I had the time to read more than I do.