Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One day

That is how much curriculum Avery has left for kindergarten.

I have to run some errands tomorrow so it may actually get stretched to two days but by Friday he will be done with his curriculum for the year.

I feel 'guilty' because he isn't getting a 'big ceremony' like the other two because they were in a Christian school for this grade. Shoot, I felt guilty because he didn't get all the fuss made over his first day at school, new backpack, growing up going to school without mommy & daddy, etc. either.

Hubby says boys don't care about all that stuff and while that may be partially true. He's worked hard to learn all this math, how to tell time, how to read all those big words this eyar I think it should matter! And Avery is excited about moving on to 1st grade so it should have some fuss shouldn't it?

I know we'll continue to do some reading just about every day(if not everyday) just to keep his brain 'focused' on all that he's learned this year and not be like starting from square one in the fall. And we'll probably do some little math worksheets or something occassionally too because he loves that. I'm debating ordering the 1st grade & just beginning with it then taking a break once his older brother & sister finish up for the year but they will be done in March sometime probably.

When did my baby turn into a 'big kid' kindergarten graduate?


Stacy said...

Let him pick out a place to eat and take him there with the family to celebrate. I print off my own certificates on the internet and we have a small "graduation" ceremony in our living room a lot of times at theend of the year. Cassia had a kindergarten graduation with the homeschool group in MS. It was nice. I notcied the group here does that too. I would buy the books from Sams to keep him going if you wanted to until 1st grade. Bethel likes those.

Julie said...

I'm sure I will be thinking the same thing about Abby someday. Heck, I already do. Where IS that baby I had? They truly do grow up so fast!!