Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Birthday

I can't believe I didn't get this done earlier this week, Bad momma!
Our one and only little girl had a birthday this week and entered into the world of double digit birthdays! She's 10 now! And so proud of herself ;)

She didn't have a big celebration or do anything special really. She wants her ballet group to go ice skating, well this is high rehearsal season preparing for the spring show (beginning of April) so it's kindof hard to work in at the moment. We're going to try to do it when they get their spring break from dance classes in a few weeks.

She did order a special cake from a friend, with her doggies on it.

We took it to my parent's house on Sunday after church (because she had ballet class on her actually birthday) and my brother & nephew joined us for a birthday 'celebration'. She also got to choose a place to go eat for her day but she chose a breakfast bar so it will wait until Daddy has the morning off of work Friday.
So here she is with her Littlest Pet Shop Owl that my brohter & nephew brought her. She also received two new outfits fo rher & two new outfits from Grandma for her American Girl doll.

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jenn said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like she had a great birthday.