Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Redcorating on a budget

After more then four long years our youngest is losing interest in Disney/Pixar's CARS. Now, he still likes them but it's not in his every waking thought like it was. He didn't have his own room until we moved into this house. Seeing as how he was younger (4) I refused to let him pick a paint color for his room and repaint when the neutral color the sellers had just painted worked fine and we could make it his room in other ways.
This was what we did then:

CARS on the wall, on the play rug, under the bed, on the quilt, everywhere!
On top of the dresser, the wheel mirror on the wall, and more decals on this side of the room.

Well, his taste have changed, so for a little money I changed his room to match what he is more into now. I'm talking little money, did I say that already? How little? Less then $10.

I flipped the quilt over to the plain dark blue side & switched out the CARS wall stickies with Star Wars the Clone Wars glow in the dark wall clings. And the CARS ones are still plenty sticky so I'm passing those along to two younger CARS crazy kids. The poster came with a box of Valentine's that Grandma bought him.

Above the dresser is now the 'bad' side of the Star Wars characters. And his Transformers or Star Wars toys now rest here, depending on which he is playing with at the time. All of the CARS are in the closet in a box so when whe gets the urge to play with them we can just get them back out.

R2-D2 has lived in our house for several years, in big brothers closet. Now, he guards the bed. And you can see in this picture that I took up the CARS play rug that was in the floor too.

So that is the budget makeover of Avery's room, honestly one of my favorite makeovers here...for no other reason then the price!!


jenn said...

I just put up pink and brown circle clings in my girls room, and it looks awesome. They, too, cost around $10. Since we are not allowed to paint here, it was a great way for them to make the room their own.

Michelle | UPrinting said...

That looks like a really fun room. I'd love to have mounds of toys like that but my mom said I'm too old for those now. I especially like r2d2.

Lisa @ akawest said...


Jami said...

Benjamin would love this! I will have to remember to show him later. Nice job!