Monday, April 5, 2010

My day

Today I am:

Laundering (all the dirty clothes)
Cooking (these kids insist they have to eat)
Cleaning (up the kitchen after they eat)
Scheduling (yearly midwife check-ups)
Shopping (online for our trip to Maui)
Scrubbing (bathrooms, the only CON to having more then one in the house!)
Reading (love these Karen Kingsbury books that were recommended!)
Thinking (ahead to what all has to be done this week)
Chauferring (dd to ballet class this evening)
Balancing (the checkbook)
Paying (the bills ;) )
Soaking (up some sun in preperation for Maui....before the rain moves in!!)
Preparing (for our upcoming trip, paperwork to get in order, packing lists to complete)
Excersizing!! (gotta get my body in shape!)

Wow, my day is filled with lots of verbs!! Sorry, guess I should add homeschooling to the list, I've been teaching Avery about nouns & verbs lately ;)

1 comment:

jenn said...

I hope you get it all done....or at least the fun stuff! :)