Monday, April 26, 2010


In the recent months while on my weight loss 'journey' tacos has become a favorite meal around here. Actually it was before that too according to our youngest. But this is actually something that I love and could eat enough of to get full and not totally ruin my eating habits, because I leave off the sour cream.

What do you do with yoru taco shells when they break though? That is a mess! So I've started making 'taco pizzas' with the shells that are broken when they come out of the box. The kids like this idea.

Place shells on a cookie sheet, cover with hot taco meat & cheese and place in oven to melt cheese.

Remove & eat!



Julie said...

Good idea! I love tacos a lot. When our shells break I simply crush them up a bit more and use them for taco salad. :)

jenn said...

They are really good with just the cheese, too. That is what we do...take the broken shells, cover with cheese, and microwave until the cheese is melted.