Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretzel M&M's

Have you seen the new pretzel M&M's adverstised on TV? I kept seeing the commercial and wanting to try them so bad, I love chocolate covered pretzels! Have you tried them yet?

Finally I found a package and bought them last night. I was ready to eat dessert first last night LOL!! But like a good mommy I ate dinner first with the family then opened them.

Sadly, I was disappointed. They just weren't what I thought they'd be. Guess I'll go back to eating chocolate covered pretzels. Which might be a good thing since I rarely have those, probably once or twice a year, my waistline will thank me!!!


Julie said...

I "reviewed" them on Facebook and kind of got slammed. lol I don't care for them either. They just didn't taste as good as I hoped.

jenn said...

I had a free package sent to me months ago (through facebook, I think) and I thought they were okay. They would be better if they had a layer of peanut butter in there, too.

Domestic Goddess said...

I am eating some as I type this, and I agree with the others... they were just ok. Perhaps they'd be more of a hit during the C'mas holiday, as they're similar to the chocolate dipped pretzels that are sprinkled with colored sugars/sprinkles. But who knows... I bet during the holiday season, the stores will have red & green pretzel M&M's out in the stores.