Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey there

I'm such a bad bad blogger. Yes, I realize it and I kept thinking, I really need to sit down and write up a post then somehow something got in the way and it never got done.

I can't believe it's mid-August and I can't even really honestly tell you what we've done this summer?

Let's see Rachel has had ballet pretty much all summer, we took a two week break end of May to beginning of June. Then she had a camp class with an instructor from North Carolina School of the arts. then a break until the first week of July when she began classes on Monday & Wednesday's until the first week of August when we missed one night, and we missed one night last week. Somehow I don't think we got a summer break but the pro to this? She's had a lot of private or semi-private classes this summer as all the other girls that are supposed to be showing up aren't.

The last two weeks we've been at church, seriously pretty much every day. We had Youth Revival then the following week was VBS of which I was the director and music instructor. I just wanted to sit and do nothing this week.

We've had horrible weather this summer. Well not horrible, just HOT, humid temperatures in the high 90's with a heat index of over 100 for over 25 days this summer. That's normal for WV well somewhat, the hot & humid is, not so many of those super hot days. On those days when it's not so hot and humid we've had a lot of bad thunderstorms. Okay so thankful we have a/c right? Um, yeah...we came home yesterday to discover it wasn't working properly. After two hours today Jason & his Dad have figured out it's most likely not fixable. So we're getting final word on that in the morning, I hope if it has to be replaced they can do so quickly because those temperatures with no a/c are not fun.

I got tired of the whiny, moody kids last month sometime and put the kids back to work part time. I've had the other two doing two subjects once or twice a week most weeks. I have to get myself in the mood to go back full time and get the lesson plans done. I want to start next week or so, I know we're going to be taking several days off in November because....we're going on vacation to Walt Disney World the week after Thanksgiving!! I'm excited to see it all decorated up for Christmas.

So seriously...where has my summer gone? I honestly don't know! And I promise to try to be more regular with my posts.


jenn said...

I think a lot of us are slacking this summer...if I didn't have the paid posts to do, I probably would have taken some time off, too.

josh healy said...

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