Monday, August 30, 2010

Home decor

We've been in this house for two years.

For two years I haven't been happy with this wall behind the couch, where the clock is hanging. It's not the best photos but I forgot to take one before we hung photos this weekend and I didn't want to take them down to take a before so I'll deal with it.
I've looked for sconces, I've looked for mirrors, I've looked for anything that would fill out the big wall a little better.
Once we came home form Hawaii we decided we'd blow up & frame some of our favorite photos and use them in this room. We decided to put two on this wall, and two on a different wall.
I'm not sure I love it but then again I can't decide if it's not just because it looks different & I haven't gotten used to it yet.

The other two went across the room on this wood 'piece' we'd thought we would remove the panel and install bookshelves behind it but when he removed the trim & looked behind the panel it's a whole wall not just studs like I'd hoped. So instead I've used it as a 'frame' for artwork:

And finally, I had another little plaque above the window but again was never really pleased with it. My mom found a little primitive store one day and they had this sign, I fell in love with it when she bought one. Of all the hanging & re-arranging I did this weekend, this I absolutely love.

I think I might be done 'tweeking' this room now.....until it's time to decorate for Christmas! :-)

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