Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've realized this week with alot of children going back to school that I'm a bad momma. No first day of school pictures here for the last four years, we just go to another room so why? But now I realize I don't have a FIRST first day of school picture for our youngest, the other two went to a Christian school for K4-four years ago (1st & 4th grades). Bad momma. Nor do we have yearly school pictures. Again, Bad momma!!

Then I realized that our 15th wedding anniversary came and went this summer with no proof existing around here. I had all intentions of some sort of photograph on that day, even if it was something one of the kids snapped. I was determined we were going to have some of just us from our trip to Hawaii but we only ended up with one really good (taken by a professional before we boarded a whale watch cruise) and a few that we snapped ourselves, one of which I love, the others are just okay.

A friend is a photographer near Kansas City, yes to far for me to use her, but if you're in her area look her up!! ME Photography she took these this past weekend. I absolutely love these shots:

That top one, there are three or four in that series and I love them. Why should only wedding photos show all the hot, steamy, in-love kisses? :-) I don't know that my hubby would go for them but still.

When you think of family portraits do you like the more traditional, posed shots or the more contemporary un-posed shots like these?

There is a photographer in my area that I keep seeing mentioned all over the place. I've contacted her about setting up an appointment for us soon. I'd show you her work but I don't know if you could see her Facebook page from here, her website is still under construction but here it is:

Don't get me wrong I loved what we had done two years ago, park with all the fall leaves changing colors & falling but we were still kind of 'posed' and I want something different this time I think!

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Char5 said...

Jennifer, the photos are beautiful!! Your friend does nice work. Congratulations on 15 years of wedded bliss!