Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Did you do anything fun over Labor Day weekend?
We did the normal fall weekend stuff basically.
WVU Mountaineer football season kick off was Saturday so obviously we watched the game. Sunday was church followed by dinner at my parents. I also cleaned & stained a antique chest of drawers I have out there, to be brought here soon while hubby changed the brakes on my Odyssey then we came home minus one child. And took the other two kids to his parent's and spent the evening alone together. That will be the last one for a while most likely, daughter starts ballet classes back up next week so that takes up three nights a week (and Saturday morning which kind of puts a damper on Friday night sleepover & dates).

Monday was a cookout at his parent's house in the evening but before that we went to a antique car show. Saw some pretty cars, well this first one isn't old but when you live in a house with TRANSFORMERS fans you get why I've got his picture. ;)

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jenn said...

Bumblebee! I love it!