Monday, October 4, 2010


It's no secret I've been sucked into the sewing & quilting world lately. That's why my reading is slacking, why my posting here is slacking, my house work is slacking, etc.

Well that and the daughter's ballet schedule :)

I made this Thursday & presented it to my sister in-law for her birthday yesterday.

I started another one yesterday, it's pink and brown. I"ll finish it later this week and put it up for sale. I've go tot make soem extra money somewhere some how & since I never figured out how to get this blog to pay off for me I guess I'll try this way.

I'm also almost down to the binding on the baby quilt I'm making so I've been working hard ont that! I'd like to fnish it in the next week and move on to the other two I've got plans to make!!

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jenn said...

It's beautiful!