Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Plans?

So do you have any 'big' plans for this fall weekend?
I'm kind of excited about this weekend, I'm not excited about the chill in the air, or the frost warning that is out for tonight but what is going on this weekend is another story.

This weekend is our county library's BOOK FESTIVAL they host a used book sale, authors readings & autograph sessions, workshops and several other things. As part of their promotion of the festival they ran a contest on face book to a special meet and greet with one of the authors who is presenting. Not just any author mind you, but one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks!! I hopped on that contest quickly and a guess what?

I won!!!! I'm attending a private meet and greet with Nicholas Sparks tomorrow and 1:30pm. Then at 2:30 he will be doing a reading and answering questions for a crowd, during which I have reserved seating.

I've got my brand new copy of Safe Haven (I've already read the library's copy LOL!!) waiting in the van. I've got my camera charged and ready to go and I've got one of my closest friends excited and reading to go as my guest.

Along with that I'm planning a surprise birthday dinner for someone on Sunday ( I don't think they read here but just in case I won't say who because I have it on good authority they have no idea & I'm excited to see their reaction)so I'll have to cook that tomorrow evening, I need to do three weeks of lesson plans, tonight my daughter had two hours of ballet rehearsals tonight, tomorrow is class followed by three hours of rehearsals. So needless to say it's going to be a long exhausting (but exciting!!!) weekend!!

I'll be back with pictures!!

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